Wednesday, March 30

Sea travelling

There is something about sea travelling. A unique set of emotions when you are about to board. Be it long distance or short. The anticipation. The wait. 

Love it everytime. 

Sunday, August 23



Tuesday, August 4


A mere ten minutes delay on my departure and subsequently my arrival, which by the way has never happened to me ever since I started frequenting JAL674, led to missing the usual, comfy and rapid bus, which is constantly perfectly on time, leaving me with no choice but to take a train to Yokohama, just to find out all connecting trains have stopped operating due to major accident?, prompting me to take the rare and expensive subway, but utterly terrified by the massive crowd; the station was flooded with other stranded unfortunates who were in town for the fireworks I couldn't even get close to the ticketing machine, resorting to the furthest alternative of Sotetsu, knowing that buses and taxis from Yokohama will be nothing less tragic than the subway, yet still not without a jam packed bus ride towards Higashi Totsuka and alighting halfway followed by another 10 minutes walk, before I was finally home. 

Funny thing was, I was at peace. Well, at least most of the time. 

Tuesday, July 7


I am a mess.
Inside out.
Neither physically, mentally nor spiritually am I healthy.

Today is the 7th day after the halfway mark of the year.
Perhaps today, is a good day. To do something afresh.
Perhaps today, is the day to reignite old flames.

Tuesday, March 3


A series of unfortunate events made me realized how easily I get irritated when things don't go my way.

Perhaps my already super low tolerance towards mistakes hits bottom when i am the unfortunate one who's making them.

Sunday, August 24

Purge 2.0

Purging 2.0.

Wednesday, July 16